Food is Medicine

"Nourishing Nature: Unveiling the Healing Power of Food as Medicine"

In a world brimming with medical advancements, we often overlook one of the most powerful tools at our disposal – food. Beyond its role as mere sustenance, food possesses the remarkable ability to heal and nurture our bodies, a truth that resonates through the ancient adage “food is medicine.”

You’ve heard it from others. You’ve heard it from me. But do you really understand what that means…or how to use food as medicine?!

Today we’re going to touch on my food-as-medicine philosophy but also explore what it can practically look like on a plate. 

Here are some foods I eat as medicine:

🧡Turmeric (with a hit of freshly cracked black pepper for improved activation) to reduce inflammation. I like to add it to roasted veggies, soups, or stews. 

🤍Garlic as an antifungal + antibacterial + antimicrobial for when I’m feeling sick or just want improved immunity. I’ll chop a raw clove douse it in either olive oil or raw honey and literally just down it. 

💛Kiwi, citrus, ginger, or raw honey to re-up my Vitamin C stores and improve immunity and resiliency during cold/flu season. Ginger can be ground into stir-fries, honey can be stirred into warm drinks, and citrus can be squeezed over cooked meats and veggies. Kiwi can be enjoyed on its own!

🤎Brazil nuts, which are high in selenium, for mental and mood health. Eat two every morning!

💚Green tea, particularly matcha, for its calm energy and highly potent antioxidant content. Green tea is beneficial for cognition and its anti-inflammatory properties. 

🧡Pumpkin seeds, which are high in magnesium, for sleep support and enzymatic activity within the body. I sprinkle pumpkin seeds on my salad or in a DIY trail mix. 

❤️Salmon for brain and hormonal health. High in vitamin D and omega 3s, salmon is brain food for sure! I try to have wild-caught salmon at least once or twice a week. 

🤍Bone broth to heal, seal and soothe the gut as well as improve hair, nail, skin, and joint health. Rich in amino acids and collagen, bone broth can be heated and sipped from a mug, used as the base of soups, splashed over stir-fried veggies, or even used as the liquid to cook rice, lentils, etc. 

The possibilities are absolutely endless. This is only a glimpse into how you can eat high-quality, real, whole foods to heal and improve your health. The wonderful thing about food is you can also tailor your diet to your specific needs. Y’all food as medicine isn’t just a cute saying. It’s real, and it’s powerful. 

While medical interventions undoubtedly have their place, the power of preventive health lies in our hands – or rather, on our plates. With each bite, we have the potential to cultivate vitality and resilience, bridging the gap between nourishment and healing. By acknowledging food as medicine, we embrace a paradigm that honors the intricate relationship between sustenance and the intricate tapestry of our health. 

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