Protecting Your Babies This Sick Season

One of the most common questions parents have been asking me this season is “How can I keep my baby healthy and protected from our toddler’s daycare germs?”

5 Ways to Protect Your Babies

If you have a newborn/young baby at home and an older child in school, here are 5 simple ways to help protect your babies. (Please know that these are just suggestions and that I never want to pressure you – I know life with little children is a lot, and we can only do so much in a family!)

1. Change Clothes

A quick change of clothes right when kids get home can help to reduce the germ burden coming in from school.

2. Practice Hand Washing

Have everyone wash their hands when they get home – make it fun! Ask Alexa/Google Home for help – they have fun stuff, sing the alphabet song (20 seconds, the perfect amount of time for proper hand washing) or check out . Also make sure everyone in the family washes hands regularly, especially when sick. Making it a family routine that you all do together can make it more fun!

3. Bathtime

If possible, try giving your older child a bath right after they get home from school (instead of before bed) – it’s a quick way to get the germs from school off. If this isn’t feasible for your family’s routine, then simply washing their face and hands and changing clothes can still help!

4. Give Your Older Child A Special Place To Kiss The Baby

Have them find their own special place, like the bottom of baby’s feet or their belly, where they can kiss/ or love on them. Avoiding the nose and mouth can help to keep germs a little more at bay and give them a special connection of their own. This is especially important with newborns but can help with older babies too.

5. Do Your Best

In a family, we all do our best but do share germs and that’s okay. We can only do so much to prevent spread, and being cautious is good but can’t always take over life. These simple tips can help, but if anyone gets sick, please know that it’s not your fault. I know how much it is to take care of little ones and everything else — you’re doing so great.