Helmet Safety!

I’m so excited for spring + outdoor time with the kids! Finding the right helmet is important (it can significantly reduce risk of serious injury). Here are some tips to help.


  • Look for a CPSC or Snell sticker to make sure that the helmet meets trusted safety group’s standards.
    Pick a toddler-specific helmet (adjustable, have adaptations for better fit).
  • Choose bright colors that are visible to other people and drivers.
  • Replace helmets in case of injury/damage AND every 5 years.
  • Don’t put anything under the helmet that would obstruct its fit (hats, high ponytails, etc.)


Follow the 2-V-1 rule:

  • 2: You should have 2 finger breadths from eyebrow to helmet
  • V: Straps should form a snug V around the ear
  • 1: Should only be able to put 1 finger between the chin and the helmet strap

Test it out – have your child wear it for a bit + shake their head around – it should fit snug and not move.


The AAP recommends that babies only start riding in bike trailers (or bike seats) AFTER 12 months old. They need to be able to sit very well unsupported and have enough neck strength to support a lightweight, properly fitted helmet.

Make sure that the helmet you choose is approved for the designated activity (i.e. bike, scooter, bike trailer rides) – designs differ based on activity.