9 Month Milestones: What You Need To Know

At the 9 month milestone, babies have reached a significant point in their development. Physically, they are likely sitting up on their own, crawling, and possibly even starting to pull themselves up to a standing position. They may also be starting to explore different textures with their hands and mouths.

Cognitively, babies at this stage are becoming more aware of their surroundings and may start to show interest in objects and people beyond their immediate caregivers. They may also be starting to understand cause and effect, such as dropping a toy and watching it fall to the ground.

Socially, babies may be starting to show preferences for certain people or objects, and may even begin to experience separation anxiety when away from their primary caregiver. They may also be starting to babble and make simple sounds in an effort to communicate.

Overall, the 9 month milestone marks an exciting time in a baby’s development as they continue to grow and learn about the world around them

Look for these traits in your 9 month old 

  • Reach for objects and try to grab them.
  • Try to mimic your actions and facial expressions.
  • Make babbling and cooing noises.
  • Play peekaboo.
  • Play with toys like rattles, balls, and stacking cups.
  • Sit up with support.
  • Move around, either by scooting, rolling, or crawling.
  • Laugh and squeal with delight.
  • Put objects into their mouths.
  • Try to stand up while holding onto something.

Here are some things you can try with your 9 month old baby

  • Encourage crawling by creating a safe space for them to explore
  • Play games like peek-a-boo or pat-a-cake to help with their cognitive development
  • Introduce them to different textures and materials through sensory play
  • Read books together to foster language development and bonding
  • Offer age-appropriate toys that encourage fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination

Remember to always supervise your baby during playtime and have fun!